LIFE IN PORTLAND-CHAPTER-1:1:5           

     Lee King was up so early that summer morning that it was actually still dark out when she first got up to use the washroom before she would be eating breakfast.

    She decided to grab some of the leftover salad though it was making green fog come out of her fridge because she couldn't afford to throw it out and had to make her money last until she was able to start earning enough money to replace her missing bike.

    She headed over to what had been just a vacant lot the previous day and found there was a new venue called Garden House there now and it looked like it might actually help her out of her situation.

    Lee headed for the garden to start harvesting produce right after arriving at Garden House to find another way of earning money besides holding a job and being forced to make that long trip home when she's tired and needs to sleep.

     Lee did end up going dumpster diving and found a fairly expensive car in a dumpster which she sold for enough cash to replace her bike and be able to afford to look at moving to a house in a better location.The city had decided to start converting a vacant lot near Garden House into a residential home with a house on it for somebody like Lee.

      Lee went to sell her produce at the grocery store and had to run all of the way home from the store because she didn't want to waste money on a taxi or the subway.She couldn't sell the car until she got home and ended up getting a new bike after the car was sold.

     She was very tired and it was very late when she got home at 9:30 in the evening and had to just use the toilet and get to sleep.

     Lee didn't actually get to sleep until about 10PM and wished she'd been able to get to bed sooner.


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