LIFE IN PORTLAND -CHAPTER-1:1:1      

    Lee King was from a small English fishing village on the east coast and had lived there for her whole life.She had been best friends with Lynn Mitchell who was a bit younger and they both hope to get married one day.They had gotten engaged as nine year olds and it wasn't long after that he went on a late fall fishing trip on a fishing boat to earn some extra money to put aside for when they were married.The boat got caught in a terrible storm and was shipwrecked with all hands lost and no survivors.They started finding the bodies of the crew of that boat in the spring and Lynn's body was one of the bodies recovered in the spring.
    Lee had to grieve the loss of her future husband and that took a few years before she started to find that she'd just have to move away and start over somewhere else.She knew she wouldn't have enough to get a good start in London so she went to Liverpool to find a ship to take her to North America and one was headed for Portland,Maine which would get her to a new life. 
    Lee King arrived in Portland in late spring and had a few days to find herself a home before summer started.She looked for a few days and found that everything in a decent location was too expensive and would've used up all of her money and left her broke with no money after buying the place though there was one exception and it wasn't in the best location because it was near the clubs.It was nowhere near the workplaces and would make trying to work to earn a living difficult at the very least and it was too near the expensive clubs where money got wasted.
    Lee had to travel a long ways to get to the apartment she'd had to buy because it was the only place she could afford without using up all of her funds buying the apartment.It wasn't in the best of locations for a young person just starting out and looking to make their way in the world.She had decided to just try to work with the apartment until something better came along in a better location.She hoped that would change soon since she wanted to be closer to work.
    Lee King finally found the apartment building and started heading inside to see the apartment she'd bought since she'd be living there for a while until she could afford something better and in a better location.It was what Lee hoped would be a chance to make a new start with her life and she hoped to have a chance to be able to get married and even start a family one day though she wasn't sure how she felt about making her new start living in the city yet.She did feel that she'd never know if she wanted to just become a city slicker and live that way.
    She did decided to take a look around her new apartment which would be her home until she could afford to move to something in a better location closer to work locations and further from the clubs where she'd be tempted to blow her money and go broke.She noticed that there was a sleeping bag on the floor instead of an expensive bed which was fine for her since she wasn't even married and didn't know if she would find anybody in the city.
    Lee decided to give the apartment a fair chance and see if she could live there for a while and start saving up her money for a chance to move to a better place when she could afford it without bankrupting herself.She ended up deciding that she'd have to take a look at the books in her bookcase to see what was there in the way of skill books because she knew that she'd need to start learning as many new skills as she could before too much longer because repair bills would get very expensive and start eating up any money she tried to save.
    Lee ended up studying for hours and it started getting late while she studied because she got caught up in her studies.She was very worried about not having any special skills and that would make things very hard on her if she tried to take on a full-time job because it wouldn't leave her any time to study or gain skills she might be badly in need of to be able to function and avoid overspending.She didn't want to find herself going broke when she intended to save up for a chance to do better.What Lee really wanted was to move out west.
    Lee finally stopped studying so she could eat dinner and ended up fixing herself some salad for dinner since she couldn't cook anything else and wasn't ready for using a stove yet.She was already tired and needed to get to bed though she also realized she couldn't just spend her time playing and wasting money at the clubs without going out to get a job first because that was the biggest priority at that time since she didn't already have a job yet and really needed one to be able to earn money to pay bills and start saving up for her future.
    Lee started out on her way to look for a job to earn money for paying bills and saving up for the future only to find the journey was eternally long and the store was so far from the apartment she lived in that it took her forever to get there on her bike and she started to wounder how she'd ever get to work if she missed the carpool and also had the bike repossessed for not paying the bills on time.It ended up taking her an hour to get to the book store and she found out it had a spa there and got her job and spent another hour getting back home.
    Lee ended up getting into her formal outfit near home since one of the clubs was a formal place and those passing by outside always felt the need to get formally dressed near that club.She needed to use the toilet before going to bed and decided to try to flush it first and that was a mistake because it got clogged and had to be fixed right away before she would be able to use it.That ended up taking a fairly long time and she was very tired after the toilet was fixed and usable.She decided to just make use of the toilet and get into her sleeping bag  afterwards.
    Lee didn't even get into bed until it was already 9:30 in the evening and she hoped to be able to improve on that soon because getting to bed that late would lead to sleeping in late.


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