LIFE IN PORTLAND CHAPTER1:1:2                 

    Lee King got up a little later than she wanted to on that Monday morning because she'd ended up staying up a bit late the previous night trying to get a job and finding it was a long ways to travel from where she was living.She did hope she would be able to adjust to life in a big city and manage until she saved up enough money for a chance to move out west and start life as a pioneer settler.She had cold cereal for breakfast and ended up playing chess on her computer until it was noon and time to start getting ready to leave for work since it was a long trip to the workplace.She wanted to make sure she'd be on time for work.
     Lee ended up finding that it wasn't quite noon and she still had an hour before she needed to start getting ready for work.She decided to spend some of that time practicing writing on her computer until it was closer to time to leave since she wasn't hungry and didn't need to eat quite yet.She did end up having to leave for work by 2PM to make sure she got there on time even with a carpool to get her there and she hoped to get home by 7PM and get to bed by 8PM.
    Lee ended up working very hard on her first day at work and she didn't make it home until almost 7PM and she had to unclog the toilet again before using it and she'd had a juice box from the fridge before getting into the washroom to use it so she could get to sleep.It was already 8PM by the time she was getting into her sleeping bag and getting to sleep.


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