LIFE IN PORTLAND-CHAPTER-1:1:4                

    Lee King was up very early that morning and started getting herself ready for the day by using the washroom and coming out to grab leftovers for breakfast.She didn't know that she was falling behind on her bills and might've been wiser to have her bike in her inventory because she wouldn't lose it that way and might lose something else.She was wondering how she'd be able to earn money if she was nowhere near work and was near the clubs.

     She was planning to spend some time practicing writing on her computer while it was too early to leave for work since there wasn't anything for her and no places for her to hang out other than the nightclubs and bars which weren't always open.Lee did end up playing chess on her computer for a while after getting tired of writing until it was time to leave for work.

    She eventually stopped writing to study some skills from the books in the book case and it started getting late enough to have to get ready for work.She only had enough time to use the toilet and shower before having to rush off for work and never got a chance to get the bills paid.

    Lee had been at work and was rushing to get home to make sure the bills were paid only to find disaster struck her down and she could no longer keep her job and could no longer earn money in that apartment.The apartment was getting to be a cost liability.

     Lee had to use the washroom again after getting home from work and she got a look at her bike rack and noticed something was wrong right away.It was that the bike rack was empty and there was no bike there and she couldn't afford another bike unless she saved up another 2000$ or more and that wasn't likely with her having to call to quit her job because she couldn't get to the store for more groceries or to work if she missed the carpool.

     Lee decided to just eat some of the leftover salad from her fridge and failed to notice that it was starting to go bad.She was also going to be eating that salad until she could find another way to earn money or another place to live closer to work and further from the clubs and bars.She decided to start checking real estate for a new place to live in a better location.

    She didn't find anything though she found a new article about the city adding in a Garden House which might help her though she needed to have a higher gardening skill and the library had no skill books.That city library was totally useless with the lack if any skill books.She had called in a complaint to the city hall about the library before going to sleep.


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