LIFE IN PORTLAND-CHAPTER-1:1:6            

     Lee King was up fairly early that morning though it took a while to get to Garden House and get some produce harvested after playing chess a bit on her computer.She did want to get produce harvested and it kept taking her too long to get anywhere with it because her skill was way too low. 
    Lee had ended up at work after a while at Garden House and eventually managed to get home and take a shower before eating dinner.She was delayed in eating dinner because the shower broke and she had to fix it before she could mop the puddle up or she'd be forever mopping the floor.
    It took her a while to figure out how to fix the broken shower and the floor got flooded while she was trying to get a shower fixed so it wouldn't leak all over the floor.She was also starving and starting to get tired so she decided she'd have to eat leftover salad for dinner.It was salad that had gone bad.
    It was about 7PM and Lee was getting tired so she ended up eating leftovers instead of just making a new meal.She ended up not noticing that the salad was bad and she also had to clean up the dishes after eating so she could get to bed.She was finding the apartment was too far from everything.
    Lee finally got ready for bed by 8PM and was rushing to get herself into her sleeping bag and get to sleep for the night.


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