LIFE IN PORTLAND -CHAPTER-1:1:7        

      Lee King was up early again and decided to eat more of the leftover salad for breakfast after using the washroom and the salad was spoiled and starting to attract flies.

     She was a little disgusted when she ate it though she didn't stop eating it because she couldn't afford to waste food while trying so desperately to be able to afford to move from that badly located apartment and into a better located place.She did stop to check the real estate market and still found nothing available in her price range without blowing her entire savings on the purchase.

     Lee ended up heading to Garden House to do what she could in the garden and found that there wasn't much she could do with the lack of any skill in gardening.She just went to the garden and did whatever she could there.

    Some other city residents decided to visit the lot including a child just out of school who began playing on a laptop computer while Lee was trying to get something done in the garden.

    Lee eventually left for the library after getting tired of being so slow in the garden to study a gardening skill book only to find there were no skill books in the library so she headed to city hall to file a complaint about the shortcomings of the library.She had also noticed a vacant lot in the area and asked for it to be rezoned residential so she could buy it.

   She made it home and only went on her computer long enough to try finding another place to live only she looked at a second home and found an empty lot available to build on.It was the empty lot near the library which was closed down for an overhaul adding skill books to the book selection.She bought the lot and would have to gain gardening skill fast so she could get the new house built.She went to bed after the purchase at 8:30 in the evening.


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