LIFE IN PORTLAND -CHAPTER-1:1:8           

    Lee King was up so early that morning that it was still dark out when she got up.She had to unclog the toilet as she tried to get ready for the day.She had planned on getting ready for a trip to Garden House for harvesting more produce.
    She also ended up eating spoiled salad again for breakfast because she didn't want the food going to waste.It was just beginning to get light out as she was about to eat breakfast.She felt that she'd need to get a house built so she could move.
    The day ended up very dark after fog rolled in while Lee was eating breakfast.It was a very dull day as Lee also got ready to head for Garden House.She was hoping to be able to earn enough to pay for building a house and getting herself moved.
    She ended up late getting to Garden House and had to get whatever work done she could before it got too late at night to continue working.She was bust harvesting produce from the garden and it was so late by the time she finished she just stayed.
    It was 9:30 in the evening when she finally managed to get ready for bed and got to sleep for the night.


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