LIFE IN PORTLAND -CHAPTER-1:1:9            

    Lee King was up early enough that it was still dark out on that Monday morning when she got up at Garden House in Portland and started getting ready for the coming day.She ended up harvesting a little in the garden after getting ready for the new day and managed to be productive.She was also working very hard though the lack of gerdening skill was beginning to take it's toll on her and cause a great deal of frustration for her.
     She had been finding herself spending far too long harvesting even the smallest amounts of produce from the gardens and taking far too long at it.She wasn't the only redident in the city to begin to complain about the lack of function in the library without any skill books for studying to gain skills.She also had to stop to use the washroom and get something to eat before heading back home to her apartment for the coming evening she felt it was time to get ready to move on.
    Lee detoured to the grocery store to sell the produce she'd harvested and made very little money because of her bad gardening skill.She was also still struggling with the location of her apartment and hoped the house could get built faster so she could move there and sell the apartment off.She did feel grateful for the shelter it had provided when she first arrived in the city until she discovered that it was really too far from everything.
    It had gotten so late after returning from the store in the evening that she only had time to eat a quick dinner and use the toilet before getting into her sleeping bag and getting to sleep by 8PM.


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