The city of Portland in Maine was a crowded city in the year of 1853 and there were new immigrants flooding into that city from so many different European countries at that time for various reasons that the city got crowded and some would end up having to move on and settle out west as pioneers and take on homesteading.
    Portland had first been colonized back in the year of 1630 and it had grown since then though it had had a few times when it declined in population and reverted back to a small town before it would grow back into a big city again.It was growing steadily in the 1850's and there were common issues with new immigrants having trouble finding housing located close to the workplaces making it hard to hold down jobs and to gain skills if they did work. 

     This story is about one of these immigrants from Europe who came over to North America looking for a better life than she could ever hope for back home and hoping to be able to find somebody to get married to and start a family with.Her story is like the stories of so many young men and women who immigrated as singles because they couldn't find anybody to get married to.It was common for so many of these immigrants to wind up in tiny city apartments located near the clubs and bars while being too far from the workplaces which caused them to look to move as fast as possible to get into better locations where they'd be closer to where they worked.

    Twelve year old Lee King is one of the singles who'd immigrated to North America after being unable to get married in her hometown because there was nobody available to her and she didn't want to remain single and childless for her whole life as others in her position had in the past if she could have a better chance of being able to get married and have a child after immigrating.Lee was born in a small coastal English fishing village on the eastern coast of England and had trouble in her later years finding anybody to get married when the boy she'd been best friends with and hoped to marry got lost at sea when he was out fishing and his boat got caught in a sudden storm and was wrecked and he was never found.


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